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"This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you."
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I want you. I want you right now. We could just cuddle in bed and make love under the blankets. It’s what I need.

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I don’t think I could handle eye contact with Zayn

I don’t know why
You’re being shy
And turn away when I look into your ey-ey-eyes

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Gilmore Girls first aired on October 5th, 2000. Happy 14th Birthday!

There are many paths in life. There’s the “Hey, you’re cute, sure, I’ll marry you after graduation and med school” and the “Can you drive Susie to soccer today, ‘cause I’ve got a pediure?” path. And then there’s my path, where I found myself 16 and pregnant and I realized “I have to get a job, I have to raise a kid and being me, I have to do it all by myself.” Not easy. But the thing with my path was, when I reached the end, I turned around and realized I’d ended up someplace really good.

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the reason why so many people prefer older men isnt because we have some sort of kink but because we know young teenage boys are a complete fucking disaster that can only be salvaged by the sands of time

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why i’ll never give up on glee [part 1]

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"Never say ‘no’ to adventures. Always say ‘yes,’ otherwise you’ll lead a very dull life."
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It can wait.

next time someone is mean to you just tell em this

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